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The Pignoletto

Corte d’Aibo has dedicated a large part of its production to the autochthonous vine par excellence of this area…the Grechetto gentile from which Pignoletto DOC and Pignoletto DOCG of Colli Bolgnesi originated. They are without doubt the most interesting white of the Bolognese wine scene.
Crisp and tantalizing in its sparkling version, of great structure and charm in the still version. Pignoletto has always been the king of the Bolognese tables, perfect when combined with mortadella the queen of the felsineo ( pertaining to the city of Bologna )aperitif.

Wines without added sulphites

We decided to create a range of wines that would be as natural and authentic as possible, making the most of the distinctive characteristics of the vines used. Thus our range of wines without added sulphites was born.

Meriggio – a well balanced blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Barbera and Merlot, aged in terracotta, a modern take on an Etruscan method of winemaking.

La Rugiada – a clever marriage of Grechetto Gentile and Malvasia di Candia, a perfect balance between the intense aromas of Malvasia and the crispiness of Pignoletto.

White wines and Rosé

Although not endemic to the area, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Barbera now belong to the local tradition and are part of daily eating and drinking in and around Bologna.
Corte d’Aibo aims at obtaining the best results from combining the attributes of its territory to these vines that grow around the world.

Red Wines

Bolognese reds originated from a very Italian vine like Barbera, particularly suited to our hills and from the most famous French vines. They are a magnificent manifestation to how such a difficult territory for agriculture can give great satisfaction for viticulture.