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Via Marzatore 15
Monteveglio 40053 BO

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The History

The Story of Corte d'Aibo

In 1989 Antonio Capelli and Mario Pirondini took over the 35-hectare complex on the hills of Monteveglio to give life to their “crazy” project to return to the land, embracing a slower and more environmentally friendly pace through the practice of organic farming, then early days:
thus Corte d’Aibo was born.
The goal is, right from the start, to produce wines that tell a territory, but also a personal and collective story of work, passion, recovery of roots.

Roots that sink in ancient times, as evidenced by the Etruscan remains found in the area at the beginning of the twentieth century, up to the medieval documents that attest to the existence of the settlement of “Daibo” or “Aibo”, from the Emilian “aibus”, drinking trough, term related to the presence of water.

In the sixteenth century, the canons of the Abbey of Monteveglio purchased land “in the Daibo vineyards”, demonstrating the ancient winemaking vocation of the area. In the eighteenth-century Boncompagni land register the Daibo farm is still owned by the canons.

In the last post-war period the property was divided into four estates: in the main building there were the homes of the four families who had a barn for each, while the oven, still visible today, was shared.