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Bologna, a crossroads of Art and Culture

La Rossa, la Grassa, la Dotta: the city of the Unesco Heritage Portici, of the sfogline that prepare tortellini and tagliatelle at any time, of the walks through the medieval alleys and the noble palaces of the Renaissance period, when the Bentivoglio family made Bologna resplendent, before to be chased with ignominy by the citizens who, destroying their palace, made room for the Municipal Theater of Antonio Galli da Bibiena. The city of San Petronio, the Basilica built by the Bolognese and never finished, it is said, so as not to obscure the beauty of San Pietro; of the first university in the world, the magnificent Archiginnasio Library, which houses the Anatomical Theater, a wooden jewel where medical students attended, in the seventeenth century, the first sections of the corpses. The city of Towers, which once were 100, of smiles and imagination, of taverns, the city of Guccini, of Lucio Dalla, of Maestro Claudio Abbado, of the hills. Visiting Bologna is immersing yourself in a friendly city at first glance, from which it is difficult to break away.

You can visit Bologna independently or with the aid of an official guide. Useful information can be found on the bologna tourism website: Bologna Welcome

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