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A Small territory for great Wines

The tradition of the Bolognese Hills

From tradition comes wisdom, knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of ones land, the humility of being able to welcome the legacy of centuries of experience in producing excellent wines in an area such as the Colli Bolognesi. However tradition alone is not sufficient, we must grow, improve, innovate in order to create wines that are ever more alive and engaging. All without inventing anything new but simply finding the way to enhance the characteristics of the grapes.

Corte d’Aibo’s good wine is a gift from the land, the winery must strive not to waste such a gift. In consideration of this organic and biodynamic agricultural methods are implemented to maximize the health and quality of the land.
Terracotta amphorae are also used which is an Etruscan heritage allowing maximum exploitation of the characteristics of the grapes without distorting the intrinsic aromas. Particular attention is paid to the reduction or elimination of added sulphites, substances that become inessential and even harmful when the wine is of good quality.