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The Biolake

An area for the relaxation of the guests of the rooms of the farm, with the possibility of cooling off during the summer days.

Our bio-lake is a freshwater basin that uses a delicate natural purification system carried out by plants, microflora and microfauna. A unique relaxation area, available to guests of the rooms, to read a book, sunbathe or cool off on hot summer days.

Because at Corte d’Aibo good wine is born in the field, in the cellar you just have to try not to waste the gifts of the earth. In this perspective, the practices of organic and biodynamic agriculture are inserted, aimed at maximizing the health and quality of the soil, in addition to the use of terracotta amphorae, an Etruscan heritage that allows the maximum enhancement of the characteristics of the grapes, without distorting them. the intrinsic aromas. Particular attention is paid to the reduction or elimination of added sulphites, substances that become inessential, even harmful, when the wine is of good quality.