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Via Marzatore 15
Monteveglio 40053 BO

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Tradition and organic choice

Organic Farming, Wine Culture

In the heart of the Regional Park of the Abbey of Monteveglio, the landscape of the Bolognese hills attracts the visitor for the views of infinite vineyards, fruit trees, wheat fields and the bright patches of “Bolognese red” of the buildings: a horizon in which the hand of man for centuries harmoniously accords with intact nature.

Here the Corte d’Aibo winery was born in 1989, thanks to the passion of Antonio Capelli and Mario Pirondini, who took over the 35-hectare complex, transforming it into their “crazy” project: to return to the hill, embrace a slower and more respectful pace of earth, to preserve the environment through the practice of organic agriculture, then in its infancy, to produce wines that tell a territory, but also a personal and collective story of work, love, recovery of roots.

Embracing Organic

Since its inception, the farm has been attentive to respect for the environment.

We invest in renewable energy and eco-sustainable technology to offer natural services and products to our customers, in a healthy and pleasant environment.