Come and stay in this quiet corner of restful beauty in direct contact with unspoiled nature but just a few kilometres from the cities of Modena and Bologna.

We have 12 comfortable en suite rooms in the typical Italian farmhouse style each benefiting from air conditioning and free wifi.

The unique Biolake awaits you…an ornamental fresh water pool that uses a delicate natural purification system carried out by plants, microflora and microfauna.

A farmhouse immersed in an enchanted, timeless landscape, where nature and respectful human activity shake hands.

Le Camere in pictures

Camere Nuove 1 Camere Nuove 2 Camere Nuove 3 Camere Nuove 4 Camere Nuove 5 Camere Nuove 6 Camere 1 Camere 2 Camere 3 Camere 4 Camere 5 Camere 6 Camere 7 Camere 8 Camere 9 Camere 10 Camere 11 Camere 12 Camere 13 Camere 14 Camere 15 Camere 16